Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

Wedding videos are so important for your future with your partner. You can revisit the moments that filled your heart up and you can feel how you felt on your special day.

Think about how beautiful your day is going to be. You are staring out at your family and friends, confessing your love for you partner. Your photographer is taking photos to last forever. In that moment, more and more emotions overwhelm you.  You forget to breath; you forget to eat and then your wedding day is over.

“You can't keep the cake, you can always watch your video again.”

– Chad Shuttleworth

Only memories and pictures are left. What if you could feel those feelings again? Without video, you have memories of what you said and how you felt but no way to replay it in its entirety.

A lot of people getting married spend time thinking about the look of the cake or the look of the room. Video is sometimes overlooked because it’s not adding to the day, it is capturing it. However, when the cake is gone and the music stops, the video and photos are all you have of your special day other than your rings and your love. Great wedding videos are made with your future selves in mind.

The Wedding Team

That’s why the wedding team at BlackGreen Media is here to help. They are producing beautiful and unique wedding video capturing the emotion and feeling of the day. They will be there from getting ready, arriving at the ceremony, through to the photos in between then throughout your reception. How ever you see your day and how you’d like to remember it, BlackGreen Media will capture it in your way.

Your wedding day is a unique day in life that’s all about you and your love. Let BlackGreen Media capture it for your future selves to feel again and again.